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General information

 Tourist office

Plan your stay in Haarlem with the site of the Haarlem tourist office , click here

At IAmsterdam you find all tourist info about the capitol of Holland. Click here for their website.

For the Holand tourist site, click here

Public transport in Holland

Holland is a small country with a relatively big population. It is only natural that we have an excellent public transport system. Wherever you want to go in Holland, the bus, train, metro or ferry will probably get you there. Furthermore, there are frequent services and all means of public transport are perfectly safe - and affordable. While there are different public transport providers in different parts of the country, they work together very well. If you want to use the public transport system in Holland, you will need an OV chip card to pay for your trip. These are available from railway and bus stations and at the bigger supermarkets. All you need to do is charge credit to the card and you can use it immediately.

Please note that you cannot use your credit card to add travel credit to your OV chip card or to buy a railway ticket! The only two places where you can buy a railway ticket from the ticket machine with your credit card are Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam Central Station.

The weather in Haarlem

Checking the current weather in Haarlem, click here